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 While exploring Piemonte, immerse yourself in the rich culture of the region. Cultivate Life...  it's all a wonderful adventure. Breathe in what is around you. Try the food. Look at the art.

Get lost in your emotions; laugh, cry, dance, fall in love. 

Our goal is to enhance your journey through "experiencing locale". Viaggio della Vita BnB offers individualized opportunities which take you beyond the ordinary "spin around town". We have committed our time to craft and combine different elements of Piemontese artisan culture and history, ensuring that we

Share Our Journey and "our home".

Pasta Ingredients
Making Pasta

La Cucina

Our "hands on" cooking sessions are planned around your interests and skill level, showcasing seasonal local cuisine. We feature creative classic specialties, striking a balance between traditional and modernity with our own flair. We select seasonal ingredients, preparing them simply,

... as is the Italian way. 

Our cooking style and philosophy embraces seasonality, locality and freshness. We make an effort to use ingredients that you will be able to find back home. You will savor food bursting with flavor and marvel at just how divine simple food can be. We will send you home with new skills and recipes for everything that we have cooked together.

La Cantina

Wine production in Piemonte has a very ancient history.  Records trace these origins to the Celt-Ligurian peoples who inhabited the region and practiced viticulture as early as the sixth century BC.


The great strength of Piemonte wines is due to the diversity of how soil, position, and elevation differ significantly from each region, giving a unique typicality to Piemontese wines

Several key production areas include:

Monferrato, Langhe, and Roero.


To enhance your palate and expand your knowledge, we offer a variety of tailored wine tasting/pairing opportunities for you to experience the different nuances from each of these wine regions .

Pouring Wine
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